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 Puzzles & Skill
Flipped Out

Played 2749 times
Fly Catcher

Played 3054 times
Fly Sui

Played 2592 times
Franky the Fish

Played 2968 times
Fun Maze Game

Played 3086 times
GEM Mania

Played 2731 times
Gem Mine

Played 8282 times

Played 3530 times
Harvey Wallbanger

Played 3075 times
Ice Breakout

Played 5040 times
Jack Hammer Rampage

Played 2842 times

Played 3048 times
Killem Pingu

Played 2946 times

Played 2944 times
Little Rocketman

Played 3352 times
Mad Cows

Played 2939 times
Magic Balls

Played 2918 times
Mega Puzzle

Played 2898 times
Park A Lot 2

Played 3680 times
Penguin Push

Played 3148 times

Played 2670 times
Pipe Down

Played 3177 times
Pipe Mania

Played 2687 times
Reel Gold

Played 2821 times
Rickshaw Jam

Played 2707 times
Roll On

Played 2875 times
Shove It

Played 2680 times

Played 3024 times

Played 3455 times

Played 3116 times
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