"Way Better Than Doing Stuff At Work"
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Category: One Liners             Rating: 2.00
Great to use in chat rooms or on cell phones!
  • GOPlAinTraFk
    • Go play in traffic
  • UvGotAFAcLikASqEzdTBag
    • You've got a face like a squeezed tea-bag
  • IfUHdABrAnUdBDAjrus
    • If you had a brain you'd be dangerous
  • IfUWnt2AMndREdrTherWldBNoChrge
    • If you went to a mind reader there would be no charge
  • INoWenURLIinYaLpsMov
    • I know when you are lying, Your lips move
  • TLItsROnBtNo1isHOm
    • The lights are on, but no one is home
  • URAsMchUsAsMdGrdsOnATortus
    • You are as much use as mud guards on a tortoise
  • TWhElsMvnBtTHmstrsDEd
    • The Wheel's moving but the hamster's dead
  • URAsUsfLAsAChocl8Tpot
    • You are as much use as a chocolate teapot
  • UR1SndwchShrtOfAPiKnk
    • You are one sandwich short of a picnic
  • :-(YaBrAnIsntAsBgAsYa(_,_)
    • A pity your brain isn't as big as your bottom

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